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In addition to keeping winter roads safe for travelers, DOTs and municipalities need to control costs and be environmentally responsible by using less salt.

The Winter Road Maintenance System™ from Certified Power Solutions can help you by providing accurate data, reports and maps on the amount of salt and other materials and liquids applied by snowplow trucks to road surfaces.

The Winter Road Maintenance System integrates:

  • Sensors
  • Automated electronic spreader control system that collects and records data every six seconds
  • Wireless data transfer system
  • Accurate spreading applications data, reports and maps for individual snowplow trucks and fleets

To learn more about the system components, see below. 

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2014 Innovation Award
2014 NTEA Innovation Award

Certified Power Solutions was awarded the NTEA Work Truck Show Innovation Award for its GPS DataSmart Winter Maintenance Reporting System. Click here to learn more about the 2014 award.

GPS DataSmart
GPS DataSmart™ — Data collection and reporting software

As a fleet manager, you are responsible for maintaining safe winter travels, controlling costs and protecting the environment by reducing the amount of salt applied to roadways. The GPS DataSmart™ data collection and reporting system provides accurate data, reports and maps on the amount, type and location of materials and liquids applied by individual snowplow trucks or an entire fleet. The GPS DataSmart software generates reports and maps based on the data collected and recorded by the SpreadSmart Rx™ and the XDS™ automated electronic spreader controls. Fleet managers can access accurate easy-to-use reports and maps and “raw” data on spreading activities using any computer with internet access.

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Drive by Download DCE™ — Wireless data transfer system

Drive by Download DCE™ (Data Center Edition) is a Wi-Fi data transfer system that collects, downloads and compiles application data. Transferring data using Drive by Download DCE involves a truck-mounted wireless bridge and antenna that communicates with a wireless access point or base station mounted in your facility. The operator drives within a 250-foot radius of the base station and data is automatically transferred for later analysis and reporting, resulting in usable information that can help you make effective decisions to improve overall operations.

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