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Case Study
Truck Upfitters Case Study
Truck Upfitters

Long-time snowplow truck upfitter returns to profitability by partnering with Certified Power Solutions for snow and ice control products and focusing on customers and best practices.

For nearly 70 years, Equipment Service of Hartford, Connecticut, has provided snowplow truck upfitting and truck repair services for customers in Connecticut, western Massachusetts and parts of Rhode Island. For most of those decades, Equipment Service had the local market to themselves, and although profitability waxed and waned like the weather, it was generally a healthy business.

Then, in the 1990s, a number of competitors sprang up that siphoned off business and left the company with often-negative numbers. Even the purchase of the company in 1999 by the truck manufacturer, Freightliner, didn’t immediately turn the business around. By 2010, Equipment Service was upfitting only about 20 snowplow trucks a year and struggling to generate black ink on a consistent basis. Download PDF

Products: SpreadSmart Rx™, EZ Spread™, PowerSmart™

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White Paper
Fleet Managers White Paper
Fleet Managers

Using data and reports from Certified Power Solutions, snow and ice control fleet managers achieve goals and automate key systems.

Twenty-five years ago the goal for a winter road maintenance fleet manager was straightforward — keep highways safe for travelers and don’t worry too much about the amount of salt applied to roadway surfaces. Automating key snow and ice control systems was not on any fleet manager’s short list of projects.

Fast forward to 2017. Fleet managers are now accountable for keeping roads safe for winter travelers, controlling costs and being environmentally responsible by reducing the amount of salt applied to roadways, and in some states, complying with legislated mandates regarding the amount of salt to apply per lane mile. Automating key processes has moved into the forefront of snow and ice control projects. Download PDF

Products: SpreadSmart Rx™, Drive by Download DCE™, GPS DataSmart™

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