FleetPilot™ System - Certified Power Solutions

FleetPilot™ System

For Snow & Ice Removal Operations
Effective snow and ice removal operations require a unified approach to support both off-season planning and quick response times — regardless of weather conditions. We developed the FleetPilot System for Snow & Ice Removal Operations to enable state and local governments to create a custom solution that matches their unique needs. With the FleetPilot System, winter fleet managers can scale other facets of their operations faster and as their needs and resources evolve.
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Snow and Ice Removal Operations, Simplified
Only CPS provides the benefit of working with a single provider who understands every component of the system. The simplicity of one point of contact makes it easy to ensure preparedness. From expert guidance on fleet vehicle firmware enhancements to ample operator equipment resources, the FleetPilot System allows you to take full advantage of the ideal system configuration that fits your winter fleet needs, now and in the future.
Optimize Costs

Increase Fleet Efficiences

•Track plow locations and statuses to know where additional material or plowing is needed

•See vehicle and material speed, direction, and spread rate

•Integrate data with third-party and state-specific mapping software

Reduce Maintenance Costs

•Access vehicle condition data to proactively address issues or required service

Plan Ahead

•Build reports to track fleet health, meet environmental mandates, or next-season planning

Easily Troubleshoot

Improved Diagnostics

•Detect issues in real time and shut off outputs based on open and short circuit conditions

•Resolve field issues faster and more intuitively

Reliable Equipment

•Monitor machine outputs on a larger, user-friendly screen

•Control multiple, easy-to-use system modules

Simplified Output Module Design

•New environmentally rated enclosures with fewer individual connectors

•Rugged IP67-rated enclosures and IP69K-rated connections

Future-Proof Operations

Backwards Compatibility

•Retrofit current fleet with new touchscreen and telematics technology

•No need to overhaul all current equipment inside existing vehicles

Automatic Remote Full Fleet Updates

•Quickly send and retrieve calibration and configuration files

•Streamline firmware updates and bug fixes

Supports Future Growth

•Easily update/add new modules to scale operations as budgets or demands change

Reduce Environmental Impacts

Control Material Application

•Collect and track material dispense data

•Know spreader speed, direction, rate, and type of materials dispensed

Demonstrate Compliance

•Build custom reports to ensure compliance with EPA, state or local

•Use geofences to monitor watershed areas

Sustainable Operations

•Minimize fuel consumption

•Avoid over-dispensing materials or covering areas twice