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Repair Quotes

All units are evaluated by our technicians before the repair begins. Once the evaluation is completed, a detailed quote will be issued. The quote for this unit will include the published evaluation fee. During the evaluation, if the unit is free of defects/no faults found, it will be returned to you.

Rush Service

If things have to happen fast, we repair your components with top priority. Upon receiving the unit and the correct paperwork, the repair will be completed within the allotted full business day(s) chosen pending part availability.

When the repair process is complete, the unit will be shipped the next business day during normal business hours. Shipping time will vary based upon the next available pickup.

Note: This rush option excludes Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays. Units received unmarked or without proper documentation will be placed on hold and the repair process will not begin until the correct paperwork is received.

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