SnowPak™ One-Ton - Certified Power Solutions

SnowPak™ One-Ton Manifold Block

Plow, Spread, and Haul It Your Way

Suitable for use by both municipalities and commercial businesses, SnowPak is the quickest, simplest way to keep your one-ton trucks plowing, spreading, and lifting without sacrificing performance and reliability.

With SnowPak, fleet owners, managers, and drivers of one-ton trucks can handle hoist, auger, spreader, and plow applications with confidence. This powerful solution is available for all NTEA Class 3-6 vehicles and provides all the necessary capabilities in a single package, making it easy to use and highly efficient. SnowPak enables you to outfit and upfit your one-ton trucks with equipment that’s optimized for even the toughest jobs. 

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Streamlined Plow, Spread & Hoist Controls for One-Ton Trucks

Purpose-built for commercial businesses and public works, SnowPak is a robust, multi-functional manifold block designed for hoist, conveyor, spreader, and plow applications.

For Fleet Managers and Business Owners:

Effectively equip your one-ton fleet to clear roads and keep the public safe during snow events.

For Maintenance and Operation:

Quicker install, less maintenance, and lower material costs help you get the job done on time and on budget.

For Drivers:

Simpler controls and a more ergonomic form factor allow you to stay focused on the road.