Upfitters - Certified Power Solutions

The experts in upfitting snowplow trucks

If you're in the business of upfitting snowplow trucks, Certified Power Solutions can help you move installations out of your shop faster and with fewer headaches.

CPS began working with truck equipment installers back in the 1980’s.  Since then, we have been working hard to make systems that are a complete package.  With installation documentation specific to the system and product designed to work together, CPS streamlines the installation process to keep hours down and profits up.  Our “1 box” approach allows you to rest assured that the components required for the unit are in your facility and ready for efficient installation by your team.  Our support staff is ready for installation and technical training as well as for support for your customer after the sale.  With a full product catalog, we can support everything from the custom system for a high-end user or even private label solutions for installation standardization.
We offer:

  • Short lead times
  • Orders that ship on schedule
  • Easy-to-install snow and ice control equipment
  • Upward compatibility of spreader and plow control systems

Pioneers in the industry 

  • 1st electronic spreader control allowing 4 circuit closed loop control
  • 1st fully integrated sealed wiring system
  • 1st CAN bus control system in a S&I application
  • 1st to integrate live data with a telematics provider
  • 1st to automate wifi data download
  • 1st to offer automatic granular reduction when liquid is active
  • 1st to offer spread rates controlled by temperature